Juvenile Barred Owl
Sam Lapp

Conservation researcher
Kitzes Lab, University of Pittsburgh

Hi. My name is Sam Lapp.

My life is built around design, nature, music, and community.

Currently, I'm conducting pursuing a PhD in the Kitzes Lab at the University of Pittsburgh.

My research focuses on developing tools for automated the recognition of biological sounds, and applying these tools to better understand ecological processes and support conservation. Ultimately, I'm driven by a desire to protect biodiversity.

I lead the development of OpenSoundscape, an open-source Python package for bioacoustic analysis. If you're interested in using OpenSoundscape, I'm always happy to chat about your use case - just reach out and ask to schedule a call.

Outside of work, I spend my time making music, running, and building community through shared experiences of learning and creative expression.

an open-source bioacoustics analysis package for Python

Underwater frog vocalizations

Surprising patterns in underwater vocalizations of endangered R. sierrae

AudioMoth performance

A quantitative evaluation of the performance of the low-cost acoustic recorder

Automated Ruffed Grouse recognizer

A novel signal processing algorithm detects Ruffed Grouse drumming displays

Phenology with ML

A Convolutional Neural Network classifies plant phenology in citizen science photos

RIBBIT: frog detector

Automated detection of frog vocalizations in audio recordings, published in Conservation Biology

Review: Biodiversity + Machine Learning

Expanding NEON biodiversity surveys with new instrumentation and machine learning approaches


An agent-based model of cognitive style and teamwork

Non-western music intonation

Undergraduate thesis quantitatively investigating musical intonation in non-western music

Passenger accomodation

Modeling passenger accomodation in airline seating


Code from personal projects and the Kitzes Lab

Google Scholar

Publications and scientific contributions

Graduate design portfolio

Projects from MS in Engineering Design at Penn State

Undergrad design portfolio

Even further back into my engineering design education


Open-source python library for bioacoustics research

AudioMoth Testing

Comprehensive acoustic testing of the open-source ARU's microphone performance


A strategic and educational card game on evolution

Suna Ansuna

Merging music and conservation in Central PA

The Groove Room

One-day community-oriented music writing hacks

Turned On Neurons

Funky grooves from a home-made studio album by Doppler Poppins

Ballade No. 1

Chopin's piano masterpiece, performed and recorded by yours truly


A song contemplating artificial intelligence from the Groove Room

CV and Resumes
Blackburnian Warbler