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Hi. My name is Sam Lapp.

My life is built around design, nature, music, and community.

I spend my days with the Kitzes Lab building open-source tools for automated birdsong recognition. Outside of work, I spend my time making music, running, and building community.

Graduate Design Portfolio (2017-2019)
Undergraduate Design Portfolio (2013-2017)

Project Websites:
Darwin: a card game about evolution
Suna Ansuna: Merging music and conservation
The Groove Room: One-day music creation hacks
Doppler Poppins: Funk and jam band

Reports, Theses, and Publications:
Masters thesis: an agent based model of cognitive style and teamwork
Undergraduate thesis: intonation in non-western music

KABOOM: an agent-based model of cognitive style
Leveraging diversity of cognitive style in teams
Modeling passenger accomodation in airplanes

Professional resume
Music resume
Running resume
Google Scholar profile

Studio album: Turned on Neurons
Classical piano: Chopin's Ballade No. 1
Groove Room: One-day write and record workshop

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